Tlowitsis Nation Marine Planning

A draft Marine Plan was completed on November 12, 2012 and has now been endorsed by the leadership of the Tlowitsis First Nation. As part of the Marine Plan, the Tlowitsis has also identified its Protocol Procedures that need to be followed. These procedures can be found here. The Nation's Marine Plan is a living document and will be updated to reflect changing Tlowitsis priorities and new information as it becomes available. For more information regarding access to the Tlowitsis Marine Plan please contact the Band office at tlowi [at] hughes [dot] net

The members of the Tlowitsis Community Planning Team include:

  • Chief John Smith
  • Sherry Thomas

The Nanwakolas staff assisting with the First Nation's marine planning includes:

  • Chris Roberts
  • Scott Harris
  • Barb Dinning