Marine Planning

Nanwakolas Marine Planning

Nanwakolas Council has been actively engaged in marine planning at a number of levels, as described below. Our marine planning work was based on a funding agreement negotiated in October 2010 (extended May 2013) with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, to develop marine plans for the territories of each of the member First Nations, and to integrate these plans into a sub-regional marine plan for the North Vancouver Island area, as well as to reflect this work in a Regional Action Framework developed for the North Pacific Coast. The relationship between these different levels of Nanwakolas marine planning is illustrated in the diagram below.

Nanwakolas and MaPP

Since November 2011, Nanwakolas has been co-leading a marine planning process, the Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP)   under an agreement with the provincial government and First Nation organization partners for the North Pacific Coast.

Under this agreement, we have now completed and officially signed a marine plan for North Vancouver Island with the province, and are close to finalizing a regional action framework with the province and our First Nation partners in the Central Coast, North Coast, and Haida Gwaii. 

Our co-leadership role in MaPP included participating as members of the multi-government steering, process and planning committees along with representatives from other participating First Nations' organizations. Our involvement has been instrumental in promoting the interests and aspirations of our member First Nations in all discussions. 

The MaPP Regional Action Framework is an ecosystem-based management framework that identifies key interests from all MaPP sub-regional plans and recommends common and collective approaches to advancing them. It will be completed by the fall of 2015.

Further information and updates on the MaPP process, including plans, background documents, committees, work plans and participants, may be found at 

Member First Nation Marine Planning (Territory-Level)

With the assistance of Nanwakolas staff, our six member First Nations have completed and endorsed their individual community marine plans for their respective areas of interest. These First Nation plans contain important background information, First Nation procedures, and key issues and strategies for marine resource management and marine activities, including spatial zoning designations. Public access to these plans is determined by individual member First Nations.

The individual member First Nation marine plans are intended to assist them in re-establishing their management authority and influence over marine activities in the traditional territories, by confirming their values, objectives, and protocols for development, conservation and harvesting.  Please follow the links on the left for further information and updates on member First Nation marine plans.

Implementation of Marine Plans

Now that marine plans have been completed by member First Nations and jointly with the Province, we are now shifting our focus to plan implementation activities. 

The joint NVI Plan implementation is being done in accordance with Plan recommendations, and will be based on an intended Implementation Agreement with the province, and ensuing work plans that are guided by the Plan's recommendations and consistent with funding that will be provided through an Implementation Trust being set up with MaPP partners and funded by interested corporate donors. 

Member Nation plan implementation activities are being prioritized through an Implementation Plan approved by the Nanwakolas Chiefs Board, in accordance with recommendations from individual plans and the Ha-ma-yas Plan. Implementation is funded through a Grant (to March 31, 2016) from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and funding decisions made by the Chiefs Board. 

A key implementation priority, in NVI Plan, Ha-ma-yas and member First Nation plans, is to develop Guardian Watchmen programs that will have a growing presence in marine areas of the territories in the next few years. Considerable collaboration has already taken place among member First Nations and with the Coastal Guardian Network already in place in the Central and North Coast.

North Vancouver Island (sub-regional Level) Marine Planning

The six individual member First Nation plans were integrated into a broader, area-wide plan to form the North Vancouver Island Sub-region. This process of integrating the six First Nations plans, resulted in the creation of the draft Ha-ma-yas plan, endorsed by the Nanwakolas Chief's Board in October 2012 as the basis for joint technical planning with the provincial government. Development of the Ha-ma-yas generated considerable, positive discussion on the best way to manage marine resources in the collective territories. The Ha-ma-yas summarizes important background information, identifies common issues, procedures, strategies, and provides specific management direction for planning units derived from the First Nation plans. The Ha-ma-yas was developed by Nanwakolas staff with the advice of a Marine Working Group representing Chiefs and Councils of the member First Nations.

The Ha-ma-yas Plan has heavily influenced the development of the joint Nanwakolas and provincial government marine plan for North Vancouver Island. 

The North Vancouver Island (NVI) Plan has now been completed, and was announced at the provincial legislature on April 27, 2015. It can be downloaded using the following hyperlink: North Vancouver Island Marine Plan

Throughout the development of the NVI Plan, we offered to provide non-participating First Nations with the opportunity to influence the sub-regional work and offered to share our key Ha-ma-yas Plan work with non-participating First Nations at technical meetings . Key stakeholders also provided advice on the Ha-ma-yas Plan.

The NVI planning process relied on a stakeholder advisory committee that met nearly every two months, from May 2012 to June 2014. It also relied on public open houses in September-October 2012, and in April 2014, and a public review period held April 9 to May 15, 2014 to provide comment on draft planning materials as they were developed by the province and First Nations' technical staff. 

Nanwakolas, PNCIMA and Marine Protected Areas 

Nanwakolas Council marine planning was initially motivated by a Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) marine planning initiative for the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA). In 2010 the Nanwakolas Council agreed to participate in the PNCIMA)process, and signed an Addendum to the Memorandum of Understanding on Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area Collaborative Oceans Governance with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Province of BC and two other coastal First Nations' umbrella organizations. However, a number of unilateral decisions on PNCIMA by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in September 2011 led to a Nanwakolas decision to temporarily withdraw from the leadership of this process. This temporary withdrawal became permanent on May 2, 2012 delivery of a letter advising of such to the other MOU signatories.

Since that time, the PNCIMA Plan has been completed, with a key priority to advance the development of a Marine Protected Areas (MPA) network across the region already planned under the MaPP process. Nanwakolas has agreed to re-engage with DFO and the Province in its MPA network development process, in order to protect and advance the conservation and development interests of member First Nations as refelcted in their community marine plans, the Ha-ma-yas plan, and the joint NVI Plan with the province. Nanwkaolas staff will continue to engage member Nation representatives as this process unfolds.

Staying Informed

We value the advice and comments of local residents, interest groups and local government on our marine planning activities. We will keep you regularly informed about our involvement in marine plan implementation and MaPP.

Please follow the link to the left for further information on the Ha-ma-yas Marine Plan, the North Vancouver Island Marine Plan and their implementation. 

For more information regarding the Nanwakolas Council Marine Planning activities please contact Scott Harris, Marine Planner at scottharris [at] nanwakolas [dot] com.