The Nanwakolas Council member First Nations belong to the Kwakwaka'wakw - a culturally defined group of First Nations sharing the same language, Kwakʼwala and Lik'wala, located on northern Vancouver Island and the adjacent southern Central Coast area, including the many islands in between.   

The Nanwakolas Council was established in 2007 to serve as a vehicle through which the member First Nations could implement their March 2006 Land Use Plan Agreement-in-Principle ("AIP") with the province of BC - an agreement that confirmed a number of understandings between the parties in respect of strategic land use within the south Central Coast area and included commitments for the government-to-government implementation of the AIP and further land use planning work.

Prior to the establishment of the Nanwakolas Council, the member First Nations participated collectively in the Central Coast Land and Resource Management Plan process, commencing in late 1996, under an association between the Kwakiutl District Council, Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Tribal Council and the Tlowitsis Nation.  

Since its establishment, Nanwakolas has grown beyond its original focus on implementing the AIP and, on behalf of, and in partnership with their member First Nations, other agreements with the province of BC and the federal government have been signed providing for the establishment of a Nanwakolas Referrals Office, community marine planning and the joint leading of a Marine Planning Partnership process, and the pursuit of regional economic development initiatives.  Nanwakolas provides advocacy, technical and coordination support to its member First Nations.

Nanwakolas seeks to address community level issues through a regional dialogue and coordination, thereby maximizing the voice with which the member First Nations speak with and achieving the maximum economy of scale given limited resources.  

Nanwakolas has an open door policy that manifests itself in two ways: first, other Kwawaka'wakw First Nations are free to join, or work with Nanwakolas should they so decide, and second, member First Nations are free to pick and choose which Nanwakolas programs they would like to participate in or not. 

For further information regarding the Nanwakolas Council please contact our Campbell River office at info [at] nanwakolas [dot] com