Conservancy Management Planning

Four Nanwakolas member First Nations have signed protected area collaborative management agreements with the Ministry of Environment ("MOE").  In general, these agreements create a collaborative management structure between the relevant First Nation and MOE in respect of provincially created protected areas - calling for collaborative planning, management and use of protected areas.

The Nanwakolas Council is providing planning and advocacy support to the Mamalilikulla Nation and Da'naxda'xw Awaetlala First Nation regarding their protected area management agreements - with such services primarily focusing on the newly created conservancies within these First Nations' traditional territories.  Decisions regarding the content of the plans remain with the individual First Nations, in collaboration with MOE, and not with the Nanwakolas Council. 

These member First Nations have not ceded any authority or jurisdiction to the province of BC by signing these agreements, but, rather, they expressly assert that:

  • their Aboriginal rights, including aboriginal title, exist in their respective traditional Territories, including the protected areas;
  • the lands, waters and resources within their respective traditional territories belong to them and are subject to the collective rights of their respective citizens, and the sovereignty and the jurisdiction of each First Nation; and
  • their traditional territories have never been ceded, sold or surrendered.

Through the collaborative management agreements the Mamalilikulla and Da'naxda'xw Awaetlala First Nation seek to manage and protect the natural, cultural, spiritual, recreational and heritage resources in protected areas and to maintain and make use of them in a way that:

  • recognizes and affirms their Aboriginal rights;
  • respects the culture, traditions and history of the First Nation;
  • furthers the education and enjoyment of all people; and
  • provides economic benefits to the First Nations.

The conservancies that Nanwakolas and these member First Nations are currently addressing include:

  1. Qwiquallaaq/Boat Bay
  2. Broughton Archipelago Extension
  3. Burdwood Group
  4. Hunwadi /Ahnuhati - Bald
  5. Wahkash Point
  6. Dzawadi/Klinaklini Estuary
  7. Dzawadi/Upper Klinaklini


It is the desire of the Nanwakolas Council and its member First Nations that all conservancy management plans be completed and approved as soon as possible and, with that in mind, hope that other draft management plans will be ready for public review in the summer and early fall of 2011. Please visit our website in the future for updates.

For further information regarding conservancy management planning please contact our Campbell River office.