Ha-ma-yas & Sub-Regional Marine Planning

Each Nanwakolas member First Nation community plan will be integrated into a broader Ha-ma-yas plan representing the collective interests and direction  of member First Nations for the North Vancouver Island sub-region of MaPP.

This plan will be prepared by the Nanwakolas Marine Planning Team, with the advice of a Nanwakolas Marine Working Group comprised of:

  • Mamalilikulla-Qwe-Qwa-Sot-Em - Chief Harold Sewid, Jim Sewid
  • Da'naxda'xw Awaetlatla: - Fred Glendale, Tony Wong
  • Tlowitsis: - Chief John Smith, Danial Smith
  • Wei Wai Kum: - Tony Roberts, Curtis Wilson
  • Kwiakah: - Chief Steven Dick, Frank Voelker
  • K'ómoks: - Stew Hardy, Melissa Quocksister
A draft summary version of the Ha-ma-yas plan is posted on this page.
For more information regarding the Nanwakolas Council marine planning activities please contact Scott Harris, Marine Planner at scottharris [at] nanwakolas [dot] com.