Guardians of Monumental Cedars


The Nanwakolas Council is comprised of five member First Nations whose traditional territories are located in the Northern Vancouver Island and adjacent South Central Coast areas of British Columbia. Nanwakolas serves as the vehicle through which the member First Nations regionally pursue land and marine resource planning and management and resource-based economic development activities.

The member First Nations have had, since time immemorial, a cultural connection with their traditional territories that is critical to the maintenance of their community, governance and economy. This cultural connection gives rise to Aboriginal rights, title and interests throughout their traditional territories.

Nanwakolas, which in Kwakwala means “a place we go to find agreement”, advocates for the recognition, protection and promotion of its member First Nations’ Aboriginal rights and interests in land and marine resource planning and management discussions with the provincial and federal provincial governments, as well as with industry and stakeholder groups. Nanwakolas and its member First Nations seek to reach agreements that address the issues raised, and opportunities identified by its member First Nations – thereby, maintaining their cultural connection with their traditional territories, enhancing the ecological integrity of their traditional territories and promoting their human well-being.

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